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Oral Placement to Speech Kit (OPT-S) Articulation Card Set

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  • Sample card image for t-d-n8 Difficult
  • Sample card image for k-g8 Difficult
  • Sample card image for W3 Difficult
  • Sample card image for W3 Difficult
  • Sample card image for m-b-p9 Difficult
  • Sample card image for H5 Difficult
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  • The Oral Placement TO Speech Manual comes with in-depth instructions on how to use this kit.
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TalkTools' Oral Placement to Speech Kit (OPT-S) is an innovative articulation program designed to translate muscle movements (from the Talk Tools Oral Placement Therapy hierarchies) into speech sound production. This program was designed by Robyn Merkel-Walsh and Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson specifically for individuals with MUSCLE-based speech disorders, such as low tone and dysarthria. Our card set is uniquely based on jaw transitions and the complexity of articulatory place shifts within words.

Included in Kit are the early developing phonemes m-b-p (bilabials), t-d-n (tongue retraction with tip elevation), k-g ad h (velars) and w (lip rounding). The sounds are combined with an array of vowels in CV and CVC combinations. Each card set is divided into easy, moderate and difficult words based on transitions of the jaw, between the consonant-vowel and the vowel-consonant combinations.

185 cards allows therapists to select words for practice based on phonemes and/or complexity, detailed instructions included for developing your client's individualized articulation program. Also included is TalkTools' OPT Activities outline to help you transition muscle movemet into improved speech clarity. 

Be sure to check out Robyn's 2 hour presentation, Transitioning Muscle Memory Into Speech Sound Production

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