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TalkTools® is committed to the professional and personal development of its therapists and clients and provides new and innovative techniques creating an educational platform for growth. Here you will find a library of articles, tips, and resourceful links we are involved in and that you can browse and explore. Feel free to browse all of these and remember to check back often as we are always on the move adding new stuff!


TalkTools® is proud to be a part of the speech, oral and occupational therapy industry and likes to provide our community with relevant education and information on the tools, therapies and trends that effect therapist and patients alike. Below you will find a list of articles that we have pulled together for you to browse. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.




Find a Therapist

Are you looking for a TalkTools® therapist that can help you? Look no further; we have exactly what you need. TalkTools® has a network of excellent therapists across the globe that can help you get the tools and training you need to excel in your therapy. Click here to find a TalkTools® therapist in your area that is right for you.

Clinical Research

Our unique methods of oral-placement therapy have proven effective for clients with oral-motor deficits in therapeutic settings and we are excited to begin clinical trials to validate those results. We are working with researchers to provide practitioners and families with evidence-based therapeutic methods to address oral-motor aspects of speech, sensory and feeding deficits. Several research projects are underway addressing various aspects of TalkTools® techniques, tools and methodologies. We will make our findings available and submit our findings for peer review and we are collaborating with other professionals to expand our knowledge of oral-motor applications for sensory, feeding and speech development.